AIS Spektrum is a web-based workforce management solution developed to manage your employees in an easy and comprehensive manner. Across all its modules, AIS Spektrum features an intuitive user interface, advanced user management and sophisticated reporting tools which allow you to maintain an effective and productive workforce.



AIS Spekrum is designed for business of all sizes operating in any industry. The solution is web-based, providing you with access to your information from practically anywhere. AIS Spektrum allows organisations to focus on their business objectives by reducing the burden on internal staff members and resources. With enhanced security controls, multi-user access rights and comprehensive audit trails included, AIS Spektrum is the right workforce management platform for your business.


  • Reduced downtime and maintenance costs
  • Benefit from the latest software upgrades automatically
  • Highly secure web platform with inbuilt audit trails and logging
  • 24×7 access from any networked device to view real time information
  • Automatic back-up and disaster recovery in place




The AIS Spektrum Time & Attendance module is the next generation attendance tool suitable for businesses in a various range of industries. The Time & Attendance module collects user punches from a variety of T&A devices, such as biometric hand, fingerprint and face recognition technologies. Data is collected and converted into Attendance records in a simple and easy manner, to ensure that your payroll process is as easy possible.

The Time & Attendance module caters for a mix of readers installed across multiple sites, allowing you to choose which technology mix to deploy across your organisation. Organisations can choose to extend visibility of user punches with an employee self-service portal made available to managers and employees alike. The web-based platform means that you can manage your teams from any device via a standard web browser. 



  • Supports extensive range of biometric readers
  • Automated or scheduled reader polling and data downloads
  • Allows for multiple reader deployment across various sites
  • Integration with third-party applications

Attendance management:

  • Roles based security model across specific departments
  • Full administrator control to manage employee punches
  • Support for multiple punches per user per day
  • Support for work codes

Data Filtering & Reporting:

  • Standard Time & Attendance in-built reports for quick access
  • On-screen data filtering coupled with an advanced reporting tool
  • Exporting to various formats such as CSV, TXT, PDF, XLSX and more

The Spektrum User Manual and guide can be downloaded here.




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