How do I chart patient readings in Medic ?

First click on ‘Administration’, then ‘Patient list’. Search for your patient and load their details.

Chart Patient Readings - Patient Details

Next click on the ‘Readings’ tab to display all the recorded readings for that particular patient.

Chart Patient Readings - Patient Readings

Now you need to select which readings you wish to chart. Simply use normal Windows shortcuts to select the records you want and when done, right-click and select ‘Chart’

Chart Patient Readings - select chart

Now all you need to do is select which readings you would like to chart from the whole list available. Simply select the tick boxes you want and when ready click on ‘Display Chart’

Chart Patient Readings - charting

That’s it. You are ready. You can also change the type of chart you want by using the Chart Wizard.

Chart Patient Readings - Patient final chart

See some more details of Medic here : Overview

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