How do I barcode Services in Salon ?

First you need to click on ‘Administration’. Next click on ‘Services’ :


barcode services load services

You should now be seeing a list of all your services. If they do not appear you need to click on ‘Search’. This will load all of your Services.

The fields available here will be the following :

barcode services fields

To enable the barcoding feature you must use the fields ‘GroupName’ and ‘Barcode’.

‘GroupName’ is normally the field one would use to illustrate what kind of service is being provided. For example you would create entries such as the following : Blow Drys, Wash and Cuts, Chemical Treatments, Nourishing Treatments.
Then you would link the service like for example ‘Long Blowdry’ to the ‘GroupName’ called ‘Blow Drys’.
This way you will be organising your services accordingly.

‘Barcode’ is the field you would use to tell the system what barcode is linked to the Service.
Normally this would be the same as the Service Code. For example if you created a Service ‘Long Blow Dry’ and the Service Code is set to ‘BL’ then you could put ‘BL’ also in the ‘Barcode’.
Keep in mind that it is always better to use shorter names for the ‘Barcode’. See example below :

barcode services bin card

The next step is to select all the Services. Right-click and ‘Select All’. All the selected services will now be highlighted.
Next right-click and select ‘Print Barcodes…’
The system will now create a preview of your barcoded Services :

barcode services print

At this stage all you have to do is load A4 paper in your printer and print out your barcoded services.
Laminate this print and place it next to your barcode scanner. When you are then performing a cash sale you can then scan in your Products as well as your Services.

See more information on Salon here : Overview

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