Available Stock Quantities

How do I see what I have in stock now ?

To check your stock quantites you need to access the feature labelled ‘Available Quantites’. First click on ‘Administration’ and then ‘Available Qtys’. See screenshot below :

Available Stock Quantities Starter

This feature has a control that enables you to select a specific date that occurs now or in the past. The time is always set to 23:59 which signifies the close of day. If, for example you need to know the quantities of your products as at the 28th of February, you would set the control as shown in the screenshot below :

Available Stock Quantities control

Once you have selected the date, all you need to do is to click on ‘Execute’. The system will calculate the exact quantites according to your selection. The feature contains multiple fields amongst which are the following important ones :

Field NameDescription
CodeProduct Code
Product DescriptionDescription of Product
LocationNameStore Location (handles multiple locations)
UnitQtyQuantity of Product as at the selected date and time
BrandNameBrand Name linked to product
SupplierDefault supplier name of product
UnitRetailSelling price excluding Vat
UnitWholesaleSelling wholesale price excluding Vat
AvgUnitCostAverage weighted cost of product
LastUnitCostThe price of the product the last time it was purchased

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