What can I do from within the Quick Attendance Screen in Kidz ?

Naturally the ‘Quick Attendance’ is the screen where you clock-in and clock out the kids in your Centre. You can use the mouse to click on ‘In’ or ‘Out, you can use your finger (if your screen is touch-enabled) and you can use the optional RFID Scanner if using fobs or cards.

Quick Attendance Main

On the top left of the screen there is a button labelled ‘Statistics’. This function enables you to see, in real time, exactly who is in your Centre. If you take advantage of the groupings within Kidz, you will see the list of children organised per Group. Examples are Pre-School, After-School and so on.

Quick Attendance Options

You have a control to print the current screen. You also have a control which you can use to quickly locate a child. Use’ Find’ which will open up a box for you to insert the child you are looking for.

Quick Attendance controls

The ‘Scan’ function is what you would use if Fobs or cards are linked to the children.

Back to the main screen. Now its time to click on ‘Info’ :

Quick Attendance Info

This will popup the family details which essentially gives you access to all the information related to the parents and children. Within this screen you will also find three other buttons that you can utilise :

Quick Attendance Details

‘Transactions’ will give us a list of all the invoices and payments related to that family :

Quick Attendance Transactions

‘Notes’ is a section where you can quickly type a note related to a specific child within the family :

Quick Attendance Notes

‘Details’ literally gives you access to all the information linked to the specfic child. Have a look at all the tabs available:

Quick Attendance kids

More Button

Back to the main screen again. This time click on ‘More’ :

Quick Attendance Main

Now you will see a popup that offers you 3 tabs which are labelled ‘Pickup’, ‘Attendance’ and ‘More’ :

Quick Attendance Pickup

The first tab ‘Pickup’ is showing you who is authorised to dropp off and pick up the child in question.

The second tab ‘Attendance’ is a control which allows you to quickly edit the attendance record of a child :

Quick Attendance Modify

The third tab ‘More’ allows you to do the following :
Enter a payment received from a parent.
Take a quick note for the child.
View pending items.

Quick Attendance More

So, as you can see, you pretty much can do everything from the ‘Quick Attendance’ screen.

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