Salon Consumables

When running a salon and providing services, it is essential to know what your salon consumables are. You need to know what you are using in-house to provide your services. That way you can determine the actual cost before setting your selling prices.

Supplier Invoices

Before you can start tracking your consumables you must make sure that you are entering all your supplier invoices. This way the system will know exactly what products you have in stock and what the actual cost is.


It is up to you to decide when you should actually tell the system what consumables you have used. Some Salons prefer to collect all the items used by putting them in a garbage bag and then entering them at the end of the week. Some prefer doing it once a month whilst others actually do it on a daily basis. The choice is yours.


To enter a single or batch of consumables you need to select ‘Purchases’ and then ‘Enter Consumables’.

Salon Consumables Load

Now, if you are armed with a barcode scanner, the process is going to be a piece of cake. Simply click on ‘New Line’ and a scan box will open up for you.

Salon Consumables Scan

All you have to do now is scan the products one by one as though you are selling items in a supermarket. It’s that easy.

If you do not have a barcode scanner and click on ‘New Line’, the system will insert a blank line for you where you can then search for the product in question.

You will notice that you can see the average cost of the products selected. This means that the stock will be deducted at that cost.

Salon Consumables Products

When you have finished scanning or entering the products just click on ‘Update’. This will post the document containing your consumables and will make the neccessary deductions from your present stock.

View Consumables

To see what consumables have been utilised over a period of a week, month, year or any given date range, all you have to do is access the built-in report. Click on ‘Reports’ and then ‘Consumables’

Salon Consumables Report

If you simply press ‘Search’ the report will show you all your consumables ever consumed. You can then filter out according to date, product or whatever criteria you need.

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