Think about the intricacy of a human body’s central nervous system. A Point of Sale system is just as elaborate. It’s a complex system that can control just about every motion within a company. If you keep in mind the weighty role this equipment and software has on your company, it’s a no-brainer that the right system must be chosen. AIS Software came up with a list of five questions to keep in mind when searching for a POS system.

1. Are there indispensable features?

Facile as this question may be, every business has particular needs when it comes to a POS system, so prior to looking for specific brands or products, compile a list of features that your business actually needs. That said, there are numerous features that are universal. The following are must-haves:

– Calculate and track checkouts
– Track cash in drawer
– Access to data including sales reports, employee sales averages and items sold
– Clock-in system for employees
– Inventory tracking and computerised ordering options
– Integration with third party software, like accounting software

2. What about the cost?

Not too long ago, a strong POS system wasn’t feasible for small business owners, due to their high price tag. But thanks to newer software, reasonably priced options are available. Cost is an important aspect for any big purchase, but one also needs to consider its value within the company and its permanence. The average lifespan of a POS system is approximately a decade. Most POS systems come with specific costs, which can be broken into these categories:

Hardware – whether it’s bar code scanners to receipt printers, you’ll purchase hardware for any POS system.

Software – every POS system needs computer software, which essentially activates the hardware and makes it operational for employees.

Integrations – if you want a POS system that works with other software that your business is presently using, like an accounting software, probably there’s an additional cost for it.

Credit card processing – there’s generally a fee for your business to accept and process credit cards. Be sure to ask about it.

Service and support – some POS companies provide service and support as a flat fee each month; others include it within the overall package price. There could also be one-time training fees that fall into this category too.

3. Is it user-friendly?

When selecting a POS system, you need to ensure it’s easy to setup and accessible. You should be able to control the setup process yourself and training employees should take minutes, not hours. A POS system should offer an in-built interface that’s easy to learn and a pleasure to use. Everything from importing inventory, managing employees and pulling sales data, should feel simple and easy to accomplish. Since you’ll be using this system every day, it has to be something you’re comfortable with.

4. What type of data is available?

A POS system should be able to provide a variety of reports instantaneously. Want to know about today’s sales? Simply click a button and print the report. Want to monitor employees’ tardiness? A POS system with an employee clock-in system should give you a printout by employee of check-in and check-out times. It should also provide easy access to data which guarantees your business is running as smoothly and resourcefully as possible.

5. How is the Customer Management?

Not having the necessary customer support can result in the inability to accept transactions and consequently, a loss of sales. When using a service, we all plan on never needing customer support, which is why it’s often put on the backburner. We might tend to give precedence to what might seem like more pressing features. But at some point, in the lifespan of your POS system, you’ll probably need some assistance. Fortunately, here at AIS we ensure that we have a solid customer care team, ready to support our clients whenever necessary.

Choosing a POS system is one of the most important decisions both new and experienced small business owners will ever make. Luckily, AIS is a reputable business software company in Malta which offers POS systems that are not only reliable, but also deliver on what they promise. If you’d like to know more about them, click here.

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