Every growing business encounters decisions about the best business software to manage its expanding operations. Planning a proper integrated business management software system isn’t usually prioritised, since companies usually look at more short-term goals. Because of this, a diverse selection of applications is installed at different times in various area which result in inefficiencies and integration challenges. But how did these problems arise in the first place, and how can they be avoided? AIS Software investigates…

Architecture of an isolated business system

A rapidly growing company can quickly become lost in a sea of software. A company might install accounting software for bookkeeping, management systems to acquire more customers and inventory management. As business prospers, new locations might open leading to an e-commerce integration process – which is more sophisticated.

Businesses that evolve their software systems in such a manner can find themselves in a cycle only handling short-term needs, which in turn, holds the company back from effectively growing over a long-term period.

How can integrated software applications help?

In order to keep your business growing at an effective rate, your business software applications need to be integrated with a single database and process. There are various benefits to this:

Increase Efficiency

By automating processes such as order management, invoicing and cash collection you’d be able to manage them more efficiently. You wouldn’t need to hire staff to control individual areas, but rather, you could assign staff to higher-value activities. Studies have shown that businesses using an integrated suite increased their sales productivity by 12.5%, financial close-times by 50% and cut order processing time by 66%.

Improves data visibility

Having access to real-time visibility is important in making timely and informed decisions. Faster and more accurate decisions can be made when information can be accessed immediately from almost anywhere, without wasting resources on data extraction and tying data from different sources together.

Save time and money 

Because you no longer have to go through the procedure of installing and maintaining multiple systems, a large amount of time and money can be saved. Owing to this, you can focus your attention on improving business operations.

Increased growth 

Thanks to integrated software systems, business expansion and additional sales channels can be achieved a lot faster due to increased organisation and better accounting management processes. Due to improved visibility, the business can improve their customer base.

User-driven software 

Users can apply their expertise and tailor processes and applications that’ll boost their performance quickly and easily. Since the software is liberated to concentrate on initiatives that can add value by building innovative value-added solutions.


Nowadays, companies in every industry are using up-to-date business software to fuel their expansion and increase productivity. Integrated business software is transforming the way companies are operating. To find out more about integrated business software options and how they can benefit your company’s growth, contact one of Malta’s leading software developers, AIS Software, today.

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