A Brief Overview About ESET and Encryption

Established in 1992, ESET is a global provider of security software for businesses and consumers, devoted to helping the world combat against growing computer threats. ESET kicked off as a pioneer of antivirus protection since its inception, generating high-quality threat detection software. Today, ESET’s aim is to ensure everyone can benefit from the great prospects technology provides.

Nowadays, ESET’s security solutions afford industries and clients in over 200 countries and regions, making up most of the digital realm. ESET Endpoint Antivirus is the primary product that shapes the solutions line. ESET supports a worldwide supply network in over 180 countries supporting over 135 million users worldwide.

ESET’s product portfolio covers protection for endpoints, servers, mailboxes; encryption; two-factor authentication; mobile, patch and ESET software management; as well as a flexible and comprehensive MSP Program.

So, what exactly is ESET?

ESET is the answer to all your data encryption for files on hard drives, portable devices and sent via email. Offering a multitude of advantages, you should invest in ESET because it:

– Is an easy and powerful encryption for companies of all sizes
– Securely encrypts hard drives, removable media, files and email
– Is a hybrid-cloud based management server for complete remote control of endpoint encryption keys and security policy
– Supports Microsoft Windows 10 including UEFI and GPT
– Protects your computer with award-winning antivirus
– Stops hackers from accessing your computer
– Safely stores and prefills passwords

ESET’s corporate product range includes; Endpoint Security, File Server Security, Mail Server Security, Gateway Security, SharePoint Security, Two-Factor Authentication and ESET Endpoint Encryption by ESET. This is all reinforced by ESET Remote Administrator, which makes owning ESET security software substantially easier.

Why should you invest in ESET?

ESET software demonstrates the lowest impact on system resources. Moreover, it offers top-notch performance and the lowest memory usage amongst all top antivirus solutions. You don’t have to wait for your antivirus scan to complete before your computer starts up. With Data Protection laws becoming more rigorous with the new-fangled EU GDPR legislation, investing in ESET has never been so imperative.

AIS Software is proud to represent ESET Antivirus Solutions as their certified partner. Providing high-performing security solutions for home users and corporate customers alike, ESET develops the best antivirus solutions and winning many prestigious awards.

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