Offered Exclusively at AIS Software, Klever Boss is our very own product our team created and developed in Malta. Klever Boss can cover several sites and monies and lets you to access shelving obtainable within particular stores or warehouses, warranting the best administration and efficacy.

A principal component of our system is Inventory Management and with tasks like Stock Adjustments, Location Transfers, Internal Requisitions, Stock Take Management and Re-order Levels and Quantities you will be given total management over all your products and services.

Thanks to Klever Boss, you would be able to execute functional reports such as Stock Evaluations designed on demarcated date series and utilising numerous costs. Its instinctive dynamic report creator even contains Dashboards and Analytics.

One of Klever Boss’ solidest facets is its aptitude to ascribe the costing method (FIFO, LIFO, expiry date) at product level rather than at system level. This warrants complete flexibility across all of your company’s products and services. What’s more, Klever Boss even allows you to outline products by class.

Needless to say, within any company, organisation is fundamental. Our Purchases Management attribute includes Purchase Orders, Supplier Invoices, Returns, Payments and Allocations. Our Sales Management segment encompasses Sales Orders, Cash Sales, Invoices and Returns, Client Records, their Payments, Allocations and Statements. Our Job Costings module lets for Project Maintenance, factoring in different products, labour costs, payments and the works.

The benefits of Klever Boss

Capitalize on your business

Klever Boss will modernise your business model and help you capitalize on productivity and revenues.

Make things simpler

We simplify your life by giving you complete control over daily tasks and practices.

Categorise, systemize and organise

Klever Boss will reform and streamline consistent with your business’ needs, making your job even easier.

Keep abreast with what’s going on

Monitor the happenings within your company through the Tools, Reports and Dashboards. These features help you strategise and record and follow your constant business development.

Enjoy accessibility

We offer wide-ranging, user-friendly features, specifically fashioned for our clients to be in full control of our software package.

We acknowledge the fact that it is important to stay on top of things. Additionally, to make life even easier, we’ve also included full export features for all screens, dashboards and reports to Excel, Word, PDF, CSV.

If you’re interested in investing in Klever Boss for your flourishing business, contact us today to book an appointment so we can discuss things further.

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Build a better business

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