AIS Software’s IT Security Partner ESET has published its much-anticipated Cybersecurity Trends 2018: The Cost of our Connected World report.

Threat of Cybersecurity in 2018

Cybersecurity was a major issue in 2017, affecting millions of individual users whilst dealing financial blows to major organisations. There is a greater level of awareness of the importance of IT Security and Endpoint Protection due to the increasing severity of threats. A marked increase in the level of sophistication behind attacks is also a factor.

ESET anticipate that cybercriminals and cyber espionage groups will continue to find new ways to exploit machines – over and above existing methods.


Key features of the report

The rise of attacks on critical infrastructure – Cyber threats is now attacking critical national infrastructure. Power grids, defence and healthcare systems are amongst the many industries which are vulnerable.

Increased cooperation between law enforcement and cybersecurity experts – Malware research continues to aid law enforcement in the fight against cybercrime. Increased cooperation will lead to more arrests and fewer active cybercriminals. 2018 should see an increase in successful cases tackling cybercriminals leading to a safer working environment.

Democracy hack: Can electoral processes be protected? The vulnerability of electoral processes around the world is a common news topic in 2018. The report documents evidence that a hybrid system using both paper and electronic records is recommended if we are to mitigate fraud by cybercriminals.

Our privacy in the new age of tech – Data is the new currency with consumers expecting to enjoy software at little or no cost. This has led vendors to enter the data-collection business, increasing the risks connected with data privacy. Advancements in the Internet of Things, or IoT, can lead in a similar direction. Every IoT device is able to share data and produce a full picture of the user’s life if multiple connected devices are combined.

ESET’s Cybersecurity Trends 2018: The Cost of our Connected World report sheds light on the most important issues affecting cybersecurity. Everyone is a potential victim in this new age of increased connectivity. Public awareness and education are vital to ensure a safer IT environment for all.

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