The Information System for Free Childcare Services is nominated as one of the finalist solutions for the MCA eBusiness Awards 2017. The solution delivered by AIS Software falls within the Best eGovernment Initiative category.

The Free Childcare Scheme forms part of government’s public pledge to support citizens raising young children whilst working or furthering their education. Parents benefit from free-of-charge childcare services either directly through government services or alternatively through over 100 Registered Childcare Centres.

The Information System

The Information System manages central database of Child Care Centres, children, parents and guardians. Parents and guardians use electronic fobs to login their child attendance at each centre electronically. The Information System calculates the number of hours a child spends at the Child Care Centre based on the individual attendance logs.

The Information System is the key backbone behind the positive social project undertaken by government. Recent data issued by the Ministry of Education and Employment underlines the positive effect on children, parents/guardians and the labour market in general.

eGovernment Solution

The Information System provides easy-to-use navigation, inbuilt searching, filtering and reporting. All users can access information based on their roles and individual needs. Customised filters and reports are available for each user profile within a few clicks. A clean and modern interface offers easy-to-use navigation to Government ministries and agencies, Childcare Centres and Parents.

The latest available information shows that the solution handles over 6,300 children, 120 centres and 13,000 parents and guardians. The solution was also praised by European Commission for the impact it delivered towards increasing female participation in the labour market. Female participation in the labour market has increased by 4.6% from 2014 figures.

More information about the MCA eBusiness Awards 2017 can be found here.

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