Step into the virtual world of Klever Salon – a very easy-to-use Salon Management system that helps you systematise your Salon quickly and resourcefully – sans the hassle. Simple, useful, precise, productive and lucrative. What more would you want? With our solution you can focus on clients’ requests to guarantee that they’re receiving a top-notch service, whilst the system handles the administrative side of things.

What’s more, Klever Salon will save and sort all your clients’ details, demographics and record cards. All the work will be prearranged and structured before your client even walks through the door! Think about it, the more we can do to help, the less you need to worry about. Our Klever Salon software package includes:

– Inventory Management
– Preparation of a Purchase Order
– Supplier History, Invoices Credit Notes and Payments
– Barcoded Products, grouped by brands, lines and sizes
– Barcoded Services
– Tracking your Consumables by calculating your expenses

Klever Salon will immediately feed into your Receipt Printer, Barcode Scanner and Cash Drawer, creating a unified, comprehensive software system. Point of Sale features will also handle Cash Sales and Payments. We understand that running and managing a business is hectic. We also know how the importance of staying on top of things cannot be underestimated. Klever Salon will plan all your appointments (whether single or split), allowing your stylists to view the services they’ll be booked for throughout the day, week or month.

And if the above mentioned benefits weren’t enough, we offer even more! Klever Salon has upped the game when it comes to offering your clients innovative, professional treatments thanks to its Scalp Therapy Imaging Cameras. The Scalp Therapy Imaging service is the perfect addition to your services portfolio.

As you can see, Klever Salon can and will save you valuable time by providing you with the right tools to boost your business to new heights!

To find out more about our business software, Klever Salon, contact us today, we’ll be more than happy to discuss things with you to help you cultivate your business. As trailblazers in software development in Malta, AIS will be sure to help you keep up with the trends!

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