Spektrum now includes a new module called Scheduling and Rostering. Spektrum Scheduling and Rostering module is the essential tool for companies whose employees work with a range of shifts,schedules and rosters. Spektrum helps you create and manage flexible work schedules according to your business needs. The interface is web-based, allowing managers and employees to view schedules, see upcoming rosters and access to the data from anywhere.

Time & Attendance

Spektrum Scheduling & Rostering supports the Time & Attendance needs of companies in a wide range of sectors. From a small team with basic rules to a multi-company structure with a variety of schedules and rosters, Spektrum is the right workforce management solution for your business.

The process is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Setup your fixed or flexible schedules for your teams
  2. Create rosters for the upcoming calendar period
  3. Assign users to rosters, and you are good to go!
Spektrum Scheduling & Rostering

The ability to include employee absences, such as vacation or sick leave, and non-working periods, such as shutdowns and public holidays, ensure that attendance records give you the full picture in real-time. Spektrum’s reporting features allow easy calculation of overtime periods, hours worked and detailed breakdown of employee absences. All information is exportable to common file formats for quicker payroll processing.

Web based

Scheduling and Rostering generates accurate employee attendance information from any web browser, allowing business owners to manage their workforce effectively. Spektrum reduces administrative overheads, leading to improved productivity and reduced costs. Built on the Microsoft Azure platform, there is no need to worry about backups, upgrade costs or accessibility issues. Spektrum is secure and reliable, available 24×7.

Scheduling & Rostering benefits

  • Easy and intuitive interface for quicker schedule and roster generation
  • View all employee data from a single platform, reducing burden on HR team
  • Reduce errors and payroll processing time
  • Keep track of attendance exceptions, overtime and absences
  • Secure and reliable platform available 24×7

Build a better business

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