AIS Software does Cloud Computing which provides for the delivery of computing services. Servers,  storage, databases, networking, software and analytics over the internet. Using Microsoft Azure.

It does not make sense to invest in a hardware-based network anymore. It requires capital cost and depreciates fast. With Cloud based services all you will be billed for is your usage. This is usually measured by your bandwidth and storage.

Benefits of Cloud Computing


Reduced Costs

Eliminates the capital expense of buying hardware and electricity for power and cooling. Savings on IT technicians for managing the infrastructure too.


The ability to scale elastically.  This means the delivery of the right amount of IT resources. For example more or less computing power, storage, bandwidth, right when its needed.


Cloud computing removes the need for on-site data centres. These centres involve hardware setup, configuration and maintenance.


Microsoft  Azure runs on a worldwide network of secure datacenters. They are always being upgraded to the latest specs. This offers several  benefits like reduced network latency for applications.


Cloud  computing makes data backups, disaster recovery and business continuity easier. Less expensive. Data can be mirrored at many redundant sites.

Types of cloud service provided


Infrastructure-as-a-service (laaS)

With  laaS, you essentially rent your IT infrastructure. This comprises Servers and VM’s (Virtual Machines), storage, networks and operating systems.

Sofware-as-a-service (SaaS)

We  deliver software applications and solutions over the internet. On  demand and typically on a subscription basis. You can access the  applications using a standard browser on your PC, tablet or phone.

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Build a better business

AIS Software focuses on each client’s specific requirements in order to ensure that the software solution being provided will help their business grow. All our processes are designed to deliver optimum efficiency across a broad spectrum of disciplines.