AIS Software is an ESET Antivirus Solutions certified partner.

ESET provides high-performing security solutions for home users and corporate customers. Developing the best antivirus solutions and winning many prestigious awards. Examples like Best Performance, Editor’s Choice awards and Software of the Year. The products have gained international recognition.

ESET Key Features and Benefits


Virus detection

The software is stable, precise and flexible. Very effective at preventing malware from attacking your computer. ESET’s record in stopping in-the-wild viruses in VB100 tests is unmatched. Many other independent statistics confirm their industry-leading detection capabilities.



ESET software demonstrates the lowest impact on system resources. Best performance and the least memory usage among all leading antivirus solutions. This means you don’t have to wait for your antivirus scan to finish before your computer starts up. This has been confirmed by many independent tests.


ESET have won a huge number of awards for the fantastic performance of security software. Picked up accolades and nominations for the fast and sustained growth of the company.


ESET has been the industry leader in developing proactive computer security solutions for more than 20 years. The core software has evolved to support an impressive range of operating systems and platforms. The product range is certified by many prominent industry bodies.



What is your Company size?


5-25 – Small Office & Home Office

All-in-one security solutions that protect your workstations, file server, mobile devices and company email. React flexibly as your company grows with a more comprehensive security package for over 25 seats. Download Small Office & Home Office Report here.

25-500 – Medium to Large Business

ESET has a full range of business solutions covering endpoint protection, and mobile, file, mail and gateway security – plus an all-new central management console. Keep your company and customer data secured using our state-of-the-art encryption solutions. Easily manage security on your company network from a single location. Download Medium and Large Business Report here.

500+ – Enterprise

Extend your security intelligence from local network to global cyberspace. Uncover APTs and Targeted Attacks with EDR solution from #1 global endpoint security partner from EU. Get 365/24/7 access to customer care specialists for assistance within guaranteed response times. Get help with major upgrades, migrations, and other tasks. Download Enterprise Report here.

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Why Should Your Company Invest in ESET and Data Encryption?

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AIS Software focuses on each client’s specific requirements in order to ensure that the software solution being provided will help their business grow. All our processes are designed to deliver optimum efficiency across a broad spectrum of disciplines.