Information Processes and Technology, and Software Design and Development encompass significant problem solving and project management components. Software solutions impact society, so the social and ethical aspects of Software Design and Development are intertwined into the course.

What is Software development?

There are five specific methods implemented:

– Structured approach
– Agile approach
– Prototyping
– Rapid applications development approach (RAD)
– End user approach

Types of development

The approach or combination of approaches used to develop a solution is driven by the nature of the problem – what is known at the start of a project, resources, skills and experience of the team. Here at AIS Software we identify some typical situations where a particular approach may be favoured over another and understand each method’s advantages and disadvantages.

Moreover, we take into considerations stages of the software development cycle. Defining and understanding any issue, to fully comprehend the root of any problem, requires clear communication between the developer and client or end user.

Planning and designing solutions

Whether it is interpreting an algorithm to identify errors, carrying out a desk check, or designing a procedure from scratch to solve a problem, our team makes sure to invest enough time to think about the inputs, processes and outputs required, as well as the data structures you need to store/manipulate data.

Implementation of a software solution

There are three significant areas related to software solutions: metalanguages, translation and the role of machine code and CPU operation. For metalanguages, we apply the rules describing syntax in EBNF and Railroad diagrams. Knowledge of translation, the situations where we would use compilation and interpretation, and the stages of execution of machine code by the CPU are also given importance.

Testing and evaluation of software solutions

Reporting on testing and use of live test data help determine whether the solution produced satisfies the requirements. Evaluation of a product against standards (benchmarking) is also considered.

Developing a solution package

Here a comprehensive understanding of the stages of the software development cycle together with good teamwork and clear communication is required. This ultimately helps to resolve issues and effectively manage the project.

Why Choose AIS Software Solutions?

AIS Software is a software community that concentrates on custom-built solutions ideal for the various specifications needed by clients from numerous segments and industries. Additionally, together with AIS Technology, we can provide you with the complete solution which includes Software Design and Development, Software Support and the Hardware to complement it.

We have three decades’ worth of experience within the Software Design & Development realm under our belt, where the latest technologies to develop our software projects and applications have always been used.

Nowadays, we have the experience and knowhow to progress custom information systems appropriated to businesses of any size and any segment. We can acclimatise our solutions to your business exigencies, using the latest technologies to deliver an instinctive, accessible and worthwhile software platform.

Our passion for software guarantees that our clients are given an operative and steadfast solution. Our staff combine their knowledge in software development, databases and cloud connectivity to deliver ideal solutions for any necessity.

Interested in finding out more about the services we offer? Then we suggest you contact us. We’ll gladly explain to you the packages we offer.

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