Klever Medic | Medical EMR Software System

Ideal for : Clinics | Health Care | Doctors | Specialists

Are you bogged down by all your patient files? How quickly can you retrieve crucial patient information? What did you last prescribe for that condition? When will the patient results arrive? What appointments are due ?

Klever Medic takes care of all those questions and more. Today you cannot afford not having all your patient information available at your fingertips and to be able to retrieve the data quickly. From patient records to expenses, drugs administration and appointments, our Medic EMR software system can handle it all.

Klever Medic is easy-to-use, extremely cost efficient and effective, making it the ideal software solution for healthcare specialists and professionals.


Klever Medic handles all your patient records, results, readings, consultations and appointments. In addition, Drugs administration, Vaccines, Billing and Expense Tracking form part of the overall solution.

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EMR Software System

Klever Medic Main Features

  • Patient Management
  • Clinical
  • Billing
  • Expenses Management
  • Reporting

Patient Management

  • Demographics
  • Readings, History, Alerts
  • Consultations (SOAP)
  • Document Management (Results, Forms)
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Prescriptions
  • Reports & Analytics


  • Vaccines (Register, Doses)
  • Drugs Management (Format, Dosage, Frequency)


  • Services (Barcoded)
  • Cash Sales
  • Payments

Expenses Management

  • Suppliers (Providers)
  • Supplier Invoices


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