It is important to calculate attendances before generating attendance reports, or else the report will be empty.

  1. Select the Reports folder from the Navigation Menu on the left-hand side
  2. Click on Reports
  3. Choose a report that you wish to generate from the list presented, the different types of attendance reports are explained further on in the FAQ
  4. Once a report is chosen, a screen similar to the following one will appear 
  5. Choose from which date you want the report to start (Date From) and on which date you want the report to end (Date To). Once the report is generated, you can choose to Print the report by clicking on the Print button. 

Tip: The report can also be saved to different file types such as PDF, XLS, etc. from the drop-down menu.

To save the report to a specific file type, choose the file type from the drop-down menu which is shown in the following image and click the Save button. 

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