Spektrum is made up of the local hardware (local computer and Readers) and the web-based platform, which lets you manage your employees’ attendances from any device via a standard web browser.   

For the Spektrum Service to work, it must make use of a local instance (i.e. the local computer), the local network (i.e. a network between the Readers), and the Spektrum cloud. Once the employee records are imported to the Spektrum cloud (either by importing them manually to the Spektrum portal or by uploading a CSV file), the employee records are synced with the local computer.

The Spektrum Service connects with the Readers every five minutes to collect the employees’ raw punches and they are saved to a flat file. The Spektrum Service links these punches to the respective employees in the local computer and then, the Spektrum Service syncs the local punches to the Spektrum cloud.

By syncing the raw punches and the respective employees to the Spektrum cloud, you are given the opportunity to access the employees’ punches and attendances easily. Through a simple URL, https://spektrum.aissoftware.com.mt, you can access the Spektrum cloud from practically anywhere.

Spektrum Structure

If you have any further questions regarding Spektrum, feel free to call us on +356 21803350 or email us via support@ais.com.mt. To view other Spektrum Frequently Asked Questions, click here.

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