Spektrum Launch Event – Recap

AIS Software proudly unveiled the latest version of Spektrum, our innovative and user-centric HR software designed to revolutionise employee management for businesses of all sizes. This new release, shaped by invaluable feedback from our users, is a comprehensive web-based HR tool that streamlines essential functions like attendance tracking and shift scheduling, making these tasks more efficient than ever before.


Introducing the Calendar View

One of the standout features of the new Spektrum is the Calendar View, which takes our software to the next level. This powerful tool allows users to view all scheduled, tracked, and leave hours in a single consolidated screen. During our launch event, attendees got an exclusive preview of how effortless it is to bulk schedule hours for multiple employees and identify work patterns with just a few clicks. The Calendar View offers various perspectives, including daily, weekly, and monthly views, along with customisable filters, ensuring you can focus on the information that matters most to you.

“Our new Calendar is designed with our clients in mind. It makes managing shifts, tracked hours, and absences a breeze, so they can easily keep up with their team’s schedules. Plus, our advanced exception flagging will quickly alert them to any unauthorised absences that require immediate attention.” said Neil Zammit, AIS Software’s Spektrum Product Manager.

Here are some of the new features coming to Spektrum:


Your centralised hub for workforce management, providing instant notifications, simplified approvals, and detailed insights into tracked hours and absences.

Approval Widget

Gain immediate visibility into pending approvals and notifications, enabling swift action on leave requests, overtime, and scheduling discrepancies right from the dashboard.

Failing Devices

Stay ahead with proactive alerts notifying you of any communication issues between Spektrum and punch clocks, facilitating seamless reporting for prompt resolution.

Quick Actions

Effortlessly streamline essential tasks such as submitting leave requests, logging punches, calculating attendance, and creating employee profiles from any page within Spektrum.

Employee Creation

Simplify the onboarding process by swiftly adding new employees to your system with an intuitive interface, saving valuable time and resources.

A big thank you to all our clients who joined us at the launch event! Your presence made it a success. With Spektrum, we’re set to revolutionise HR processes, making employee management smoother and more intuitive. Stay tuned for updates as we continue to innovate and improve. Thank you for your support!