Cloud Solutions, also known as cloud computing or cloud services, deliver IT resources on demand over the Internet. Servers, storage, databases, networking, software, and analytics are all based on the cloud. Cloud solutions enable rapid access to flexible and low-cost IT solutions when compared to costly investments made in hardware and time-consuming installation and maintenance. With cloud solutions in place, you can quickly address business demands.

IoT Solutions
One of our key areas of focus is system integrations. Along with out sister company AIS Technology we provide solutions that encompass hardware, software, and IoT. This allows for the management and monitoring of specific parameters. This is done by placing sensors that provide readings and link the business, and building, to the raw data collected from our controllers.

AIS will also handle notifications like sounding warnings for readings that, for example, are abnormal and do not fall within the average expectancy. Furthermore, users will be provided with extensive reporting and charting of sensor readings which allows for analytics and preventive maintenance.

Our sensors can monitor;
– Wind Speed & Direction
– Humidity
– Temperature
– Soil moisture and leaf wetness
– Battery Voltage
– Rainfall
– Pressure

Custom Integration systems 
Smart Parking
AIS offers a solution that consists of the integration between Vauban Visor (access control) and Parklio devices whereby we automatically control access of entry to a parking garage (barrier) and through LED’s, pave the way for the driver to the allotted parking bay.

Hotel Rooms
Through the integration between Vauban Visor (access control) and Opera (hospitality system) we automatically control access to the hotel rooms according to authorised reservations.

Build a better business

AIS Software focuses on each client’s specific requirements in order to ensure that the software solution being provided will help their business grow. All our processes are designed to deliver optimum efficiency across a broad spectrum of disciplines.